Therapy Services

Mindful Place Therapy offers mental health therapy services for teens and adults, as well as couples.

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Self Pay Sessions

Mindful Place Therapy offers self pay options for individuals and couples with no insurance and/or choosing to not use insurance.

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Insurance Based Sessions

Mindful Place Therapy offers insurance pay options for individuals and couples.

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Why Choose Therapy

Have you ever felt that despite struggling with certain feelings, traumas, or issues you just have to keep pushing and eventually things should work out? Then you find yourself repeating the cycle, each time it seems just a little bit different, yet leaving you with all your struggles and no way of moving forward. Sometimes it can feel discouraging, you might not show yourself the grace and kindness you would show others if they were in your shoes. I know that being able to reach out for help is hard, especially when you have society shouting in your ear “you can do this, you’ve got this, you can do this alone, you’re strong and independent.”

Here is the thing: being strong and independent doesn’t mean that you have to go at this alone. Being strong and independent means knowing where your difficulties are and being able to reach out and connect with others who can help you and provide you with the tools to be able to move forward. Therapy is just that.

I am very passionate about therapy, especially about supporting my clients in exploring their strengths and identity. My goal is to provide you the tools so you are able to achieve independence in coping with your challenges and facilitating personal development. My main therapeutic style is person centered. The 3 core conditions necessary for therapeutic change to occur in person centered therapy are as follows

  1. Congruence – This is when I, as your therapist am authentic with you, my client. I am able to express thoughts about the therapeutic relationship with my client.
  2. Unconditional positive regard – As your therapist I will see your worth and accept it without any judgement.
  3. Empathy – As your therapist I will also strive to understand your subjective experience and tailor specific responses to you.

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